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Latest Release: IC 2024 now available!

The latest version of Interactive Correlations (IC), our multi-well collaboration software, is now available.

With two decades of continuous software enhancements, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Our aim is to help subsurface teams gain a deeper understanding of their wellsite geology at a regional scale so that they get the right answers without cutting corners, and we believe IC 2024 will do just that.

The focus of this year's release has been on increased flexibility, additional control and the addition of time-stamped data, giving out users a broader, faster, more inclusive and even more powerful visualization experience.

IC 2024 includes significant usability upgrades will benefit each of our users. As well as improving flexibility for data import making integration even broader and faster than ever before, we have also improved flexibility for data display and interpolation accordingly. We’ve added additional control for wellpath and well position updates, making maps more inclusive, and included time-stamped data via the addition of the IC Monitoring module, to add a new dimension to the understanding of a subsurface terrain.

IC 2024 also includes:

  • NEW Monitoring connectivity module​
  • NEW LAS import; FMB Import; Upgraded Ascii Import​
  • Improved Component Bubble Mapping and report​
  • Improved User control and preference selection​
  • Improved Chart interactions tie and crossplot displays​
  • Upgraded Wellpath and Well position calculations​
  • More advanced and improved delivery times with simple, more intuitive options when building dashboards​
  • More effective and flexible displays to explain findings

It has been an exciting process to work on these updates and improvements, we value working with our customers to ensure we are meeting the demands of their working requirements. As always we continue to develop and improve our existing IC toolkits, therefore we are open to feedback so we can continue to improve our product offering.

With a whole host of other features having been improved upon in IC 2024, why not get in touch to arrange a demonstration with one of our experts.

But most importantly, we hope you have fun exploring our software!

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If you'd like to arrange a demonstration with one of our experts: Get in touch with Geoactive

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