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Latest Release: IC 2023 now available to download

We start 2023 with the announcement of our latest release of Interactive Correlations, IC 2023. Take a look at the video below to see a little of what is now available to you in IC 2023.


IC 2023 includes a range of new features, all designed to improve your day-to-day workflows. The refreshed importer clarifies and

 keeps any data mapping and set-up stored for future imports easily while maintaining the fast and effective multiple-data import and reporting that allows immediate QC of all your data.

Collaboration is the key to any and all subsurface success given the volume of data that is now available from a wide range of sources. IC is the clean and clear integration of these disparate date types that allow the whole team to work together in union to achieve the most confident understanding of the regional subsurface.

Advances with the IC Interpretations will open up the more effective display and interpretation tools to more diverse teams. This includes the core power of Correlations within IC meaning less time managing the interpretation data and more time using it to build interpretations for your areas. We have worked to improve the speed and display power IC Charts have to offer when you visualize your data as a team too. Meaning we are able to quickly show you all your data on a chart and start working with the most confidence in that data.

Download IC 2023 Now (this link takes you to the downloads log in page)

If you'd like to arrange for a demonstration: Get in touch with Geoactive

You can access your copy of the overview here:
Download 2023 Flyer Now


Have fun exploring IC 2023 and remember to get in touch if you have questions, we'd love to hear from you.

- Team Geoactive

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