IC for Stratigraphic Awareness

IC for Stratigraphic Awareness

IC for Stratigraphic Awareness

Stratigraphic Awareness in IC


Build and use Stratigraphic schemes to use with various data, e.g. biostrat. lithostrat. chronostrat. Include the latest ICS Scheme to build and correlate beyond local lithostratigraphic variations to see the geological time, big-picture for your basin. 

Identify potential stratigraphic traps or simply map local unconformities quickly when evaluating your zones; IC's stratigraphic awareness can help.

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IC-Stratigraphic Awareness

Building Strat Schemes

By adding stratigraphic awareness to IC’s visualisation tools, you can bring the concept of geological time to your Wells and expand your regional interpretation quickly and easily.

IC allows you to build and store a variety of stratigraphic schemes, built from dictionaries, that are linked to specific data, to ensure a confident understanding and interpretation of the adjacent strata to quickly identify missing data and unconformities within your Wells.

  • Build related data from a single dataset, tops can become zones, that can build ages and additional zonal data as well as specific lithologies
  • Build age/depth mapping to display wells in chronostratigraphic age
  • Maintain control over stratigraphic relationships through user-defined dictionaries
  • Calculate True Stratigraphic Thickness


Pictured: Stratigraphic Schemes can build new data based on the applied relationships as a guide.  Interactive editing, gridding and zonal mapping reporting can tie back to these relationships.



Stratigraphic Analysis and Interpretation

Identifying which units are present or absent in your wells. Identify younging direction in your data. These steps are at the cornerstone of all stratigraphic understanding built within IC. 

The stratigraphic correlations and stratigraphic zonal mapping generated within IC can utilise the stratigraphic columns built to apply rules to the data. These rules will quickly, and visually, identify busts in the data interpretation, busts in the trap, busts in the expected reservoir or the continuity of zones across a region.

Stratigraphic analysis for any well  build a much deeper understanding of both the stratigraphic and the possible structural elements to your subsurface asset.

  • Quickly display step-changes in zonal analysis mapping based on known stratigraphic relationships
  • Plot your well data by Age or True Stratigraphic Thickness as well as TVD or MD
  • Generate Well driven Wheeler diagram correlations
  • Generate regional correlation by removing local naming inconsistencies for a standardised (ICS) view
  • Generate Sequence Stratigraphy plots for sediment supply or accommodation space are desired
  • Generate Stratigraphic grids quickly for log statistics, thickness, named attributes or depth.

Pictured: Flexible displays allow a multitude of depth references to drive correlation or single well plots. TST, Age as well as MD TVDSS and TVD can highlight subsurface variations easily.