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Powerful visualization, integration and interpretation of your subsurface. 

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Software Built and Maintained by geologists for geologists

Our IC software gives stratigraphers, geologists, petrophysicists, engineers and data managers a new view of their subsurface well data. Bringing all your data together, with tools to interrogate, analyse and visualise it, IC saves you time and effectively leads you to confident, data-driven conclusions.

powerful and consistent


Powerful and consistent visualisation produces coherent results for efficient and confident decision making.

easy to use


Easy to use tools quickly improve your regional perspective while maintaining the detail when interpreting your subsurface.

import data


Import data from anywhere into a flexible database and share easily between teams for a broader and deeper understanding of your reservoir.

stratigraphic awareness


Incomparable stratigraphic awareness gives a faster and more confident understanding of your subsurface, unconformities and all.



subsurface well data Made Easy

Acquiring subsurface data can be costly and challenging. Once it’s in your possession, you need to see the full scope of its insight. Thinking like a geologist, IC brings all your well data into one place, then gives you the interrogation and visualisation functionality you need to identify what it’s telling you and make confident decisions for all of your well and field optimisation projects.

Geoactive’s subsurface software applications are built on a breadth of experience across each facet of the energy industry. Every day, we apply our independent expertise to help clients increase performance from their upstream and downstream operations and assets. We’re constantly developing and innovating to deliver solutions to the most complex challenges across the lifecycle of any asset.


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“I have been using ODM/IC since 2007, when I came across it whilst looking for a PC well database and correlation package, which provided a high functionality and low-cost solution. Since then, I have used ODM/IC for nearly all projects I have been involved with whilst working as either a contractor or in an exploration company."
Principal Geologist
UK based E&P company
"IC is fantastic! We have just never seen our data like this before."
Senior Geologist
“I have been using IC in single-well to multi-well (>250 wells) projects for Appraisal, New Ventures, and Development work worldwide IC’s flexibility to handle most data types, from simple log curves to complex sedimentological interpretations, production data, reservoir zonation, dip-meter, to name a few, is outstanding in comparison to its competitors."
Regional Chief Geologist
“ODM/IC has allowed me to build comprehensive well databases within which I can integrate most well data types for stratigraphic analysis and depositional system mapping. Most recently, this has involved building a regional scale database of wells in the UK & Faroes West of Shetland province, for the purposes of play mapping and prospect evaluation, a function for which other widely used software packages are not currently suitable.”
Principal Geologist
"IC gives Geoscientists true flexibility to interpret, draw and present technical work of high quality. IC’s portability allows me to work on the move and to present and discuss my work with my teams and Management anywhere/anytime.”
Regional Chief Geologist

Software built on a breadth of experience across each facet of the energy industry


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