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Software Built and Maintained
by petrophysicists for petrophysicists

IP offers potent functionality as standard that competing products charge extra for. Principle calculations like clay volume, porosity/water saturation, cut-off and summation, pulsed neutron analysis, organic shales and NMR interpretation are all part of the package. Together, they create an industry-leading deterministic petrophysical workflow built for efficiency and collaboration.



A ‘Best in Class’, robust and accurate Petrophysical software package which is also cost effective.

work quickly


Work quickly and independently within an interactive interface designed by industry-leading experts.



Adopt a variety of user-specified workflows to facilitate intelligent, confident and hassle-free analysis.



Fully customisable package, choose a combination which meets your specific needs and build bespoke modules.



Petrophysics Software that Works for You

Geoactive’s subsurface software applications are built on a breadth of experience across each facet of the energy industry. Every day, we apply our independent expertise to help clients increase performance from their upstream and downstream operations and assets. We’re constantly developing and innovating to deliver solutions to the most complex challenges across the lifecycle of any asset.

Interactive Petrophysics (IP) is the best-in-class tool for robust subsurface interpretations. It is stable, and minimises user errors through its interactive graphical interface. Whatever your experience level, IP offers a complete, cost-effective solution enabling thorough analysis for making geological and petrophysical decisions. IP provides you and your team with seamlessly integrated workflows across subsurface disciplines and supports improved reservoir performance throughout the entire assets’ lifecycle.


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“As a long-time user of IP, I have found that IP is the most user-friendly Petrophysical Interpretation package. It is also encouraging to see the range of new functionality that is added regularly, and the timely updates are a sign of a great package."
Abdullah Jawoodien
Principal Petrophysicist II, Petrosa
“Having recently concluded two studies in the Middle East, I wanted to mention some of my favourite features: mineral solver, rock typing, and programming. The multiwell mineral solver module was extremely useful for a re-evaluation study of 60+ wells. It was really fast; so easy to update the mineral model endpoints and/or a parameter setting for all wells or all models etc.”
Jan van der Wal
Consultant Petrophysicist at Van Der Wal Petrophysics Ltd
"I believe that through the proactive, enthusiastic nature of the Account managers I have dealt with; the deep knowledge of those I have collaborated with, and the prompt responses of the support staff; I have become a user and promoter of IP for life. Andy and the team, thank you for everything.”
Principal Petrophysicist II

Software built on a breadth of experience across each facet of the energy industry


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