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Stop owls...

I’d like to address the owl ornament epidemic in my house. Yes, you read that right – it's time to tackle the growing collection of owl shaped things that my wife just can't seem to stop buying.

Believe it or not, my wife has developed over many years an eye for owl-themed fashion and decor. From owl-adorned pillows to blankets, and even owl-shaped cookie cutters, our home has become a sanctuary for all things owls. So much so that I am seriously considering staging a protest in an effort to try and curb this owl invasion. I need a “Stop Owl” campaign in my house.

Unlike the benefits that oil-based products have bestowed to our homes, from insulation, electronics, paint, fabrics, heating and so much more, this army of owls of various shapes, sizes, colours, with their glittering eyes, are silently staging a coup and taking over every available surface in my home. No matter where I attempt to stow them away, these owls have an uncanny ability to reappear, perched in unexpected places like miniature magicians. Anyway, it's time to put an end to their sneaky shenanigans and restore some semblance of order to our once minimalist home! 

However, in the midst of this owl avalanche, it's important to recognize the joys and quirks that come with sharing spaces with others. Finding common ground, collaboration and cherishing each other's passions is what makes a home a truly special place. Much like our IC software which allows a team of Geoscientists to collaborate together and share ideas, learnings and experiences.   
While owls in my house have achieved very little, the incredible impact that oil and hydrocarbons have had on human progress should not be undervalued. They propelled us into the postmodern era by powering industries, smelting rock into metal, and providing raw materials for countless products that make our daily lives easier and more comfortable, all while playing an undeniable role in the advancement of technologies that can and will support a more balanced use of energy resources in the future.  The talented people involved in the energy industry's technology, learnings, and contributions can only assist us in the future.
We all share this planet we call Earth together, our collective home. If we all work together towards a sustainable future, I am sure we can create a home that reflects our shared needs and passions, and a future that can see the benefits of both owls and oil.  
So, there you have it, folks – my need to put a cap on the ever-increasing owl invasion of my home while appreciating the benefits that oil has bestowed upon humanity. It's time to find a harmonious balance between our cherished collections and maintaining a functional living space. Next time you hear someone utter the phrase "Stop Owls", remember that love knows no bounds and we need to work together to make our space a home, a future for all so we can all have a hoot. 



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