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2022 Oslo UGM

We were able to organize and hold a User Group Meeting (UGM) for some of our customers based out of Oslo last week. Both Paul and Catriona headed across the water to spend a few days in Norway and catch up with our users there. Here's what they had to share from the trip...

We spent time last week talking to a group our clients of both IP and IC in-person, hosted at the Pandion Energy office in Oslo. We were hoping to share the latest news from IP and IC regarding the new features and the associated benefits our clients will see when the upgrade to the new version due for release in January, but we managed to achieve so much more. We were able to introduce some of our users to each other as well as bring together old colleagues and make new friends. 


After a "wonderful demonstration of the latest tools added to IC", which included ~50 specific items that were raised in the last year by those in the room, we were "able to see a demonstration of the new additions to IP to round out an informative morning."


One of our attendees shared their thoughts. "Being a Data Manager, IC for me is to import data directly to the database or via Petrel link. Getting data in as easy as possible makes my life and the IC users here happy. It was very useful and interesting to be updated on what’s coming in the new version 2023. Thank-you for coming over to see us in the Pandion Energy Office, it is always an energetic and positive time getting together in person."


Catriona said "It was great being in front of a group of users again, hearing their ideas and being able to show them features they hadn't seen before. It's always good energy in the room when we are able to spend some time listening to the experts that we're making IC for in the first place...and I love coming back with new ideas to think about for the future."


Having a mix of specialists in the room, we were able to make connections and allow them to ask questions directly to each other for advice, share ideas and best practices between each other and offer suggestions and guidance to them for specific areas they are working with. One person said "Getting the IC updates presented in person made it possible to discuss different ways tin how the updates could be used with both Catriona and the other users. It was good to meet other users in order to share daily tips and tricks."


Paul said "UGM’s are always a great way to share what we’ve been up to and what’s coming soon, especially the recent journey to Geoactive, but what I find really interesting is the technical conversations amongst the group about how we might make some improvements for the future. Watch this space!"

We followed up the UGM session with some, more specific, one-to-one sessions with our local users in their offices where we were able to address "special questions and challenges regarding workflow and database best practices in a beneficial way." This is always the way we like to spend our time with clients, making sure they are clear on what can be done and how to achieve that. It's always a great smile-maker when they ask for a tool that is already in place too.

We hope this is the restart of a valuable get together for us and our clients.

Until next time Oslo.

Catriona and Paul.

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