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Did i mention our software? Embracing the art of Geoactive Software Mentions...

Hey there, folks! Gather 'round for an exploration of the art of Geoactive software mentions. You see, when it comes to conversations with me, there's a high chance that I'll sprinkle in some talk about our fantastic software. Consider it a playful game, where the challenge lies in spotting just how seamlessly I can bring up the benefits of using Geoactive ‘s software products, IP and IC.


The Droplet:

In the midst of a casual chat with me, you might find yourself wondering, "Did he just mention software?". Well, my friend, you're not mistaken. Like a sneaky Scottish ninja, I have a knack for sprinkling subtle droplets of Geoactive’s software into conversations, often catching people off guard. It's like a gentle reminder that our software and team are never far from my thoughts, and I'm always excited to share its brilliance with anyone willing to listen (or indeed not willing to listen). It's all in good fun and a testament to my unwavering enthusiasm.

IC Logo

The Nudge:

Let's face it - I can't resist a playful nudge to direct the conversation toward our exceptional software products. It's a light-hearted challenge for me, finding creative ways to slip in a mention that seamlessly connects to the topic at hand. Whether we're talking about hobbies, quantum physics, music, chocolate, or the daily habits of the red squirrel, prepare for a playful nudge that brings our software into the conversation. The next thing is, you may unexpectedly find yourself talking about NMR interpretation, Monte Carlo uncertainty, Geomechanics, Biostratigraphy or debating the differences between Clays, Shales, and Coprolites. Let’s face it, the conversation about what the red squirrel gets up to from day-to-day, while fascinating, can wait a bit longer.  

IP Logo

The Unintentional Reveal:

Oh, the unintentional reveal! Sometimes, in the excitement of a conversation, I can't help but spill the beans about our amazing software. Like an overexcited puppy when their owner comes home with a burst of enthusiasm that simply cannot be contained, you might notice the twinkle in my eye as I unintentionally reveal just how much I love talking about Geoactive’s software. Consider it a joyful slip-up of Geoscience Tourette’s that reveals my passion and genuine belief in the power of our people and products.

So, folks, did I mention our software? I probably did, but if in any doubt please peruse our website at your leisure and get in touch with one of our expert team members to have an inciteful and informative conversation of a different kind.  

Stay tuned for some more subtle software mentions over the coming months... 


Derek, MD

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