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Latest Release: IP 2023 now available to download

The latest version of our industry leading subsurface data analysis and interpretation package, IP, is now available.  Take a look at the video below to see a little of what is now available to you in IP 2023.


IP 2023 brings with it two brand new modules, several upgrades to the Image Analysis and Geomechanics Advanced Modules as well as a whole host of general improvements.

The new modules are CO Sw Analysis for calculating water saturation behind casing in mature wells and the all new WITSML connector, which allows you to stay connected to all your live logging jobs.

General improvements include further updates to our user interface, new interactive features within Logplots, more advanced search functions and a re-worked options window, making everyday workflows even more efficient.

Extending the plotting options for the geomechanics module, integrating it into Monte Carlo module and new interactive multi-well Pore Pressure functionality give improve clarity to your Geomechanics workflows.
A whole host of other features are also included in IP 2023 including significant upgrades to the Image Analysis module making image interpretation easier and more precise than ever. Even getting started is more efficient as we’ve reduced the size of our installer and we’ve moved all our help materials online (don’t worry you can still download the file if you prefer!)

Download IP 2023 Now (this link takes you to the downloads log in page)

If you'd like to arrange for a demonstration: Get in touch with Geoactive

You can access your copy of the overview here: Download 2023 Flyer Now


Have fun exploring IP 2023 and remember to get in touch if you have questions, we'd love to hear from you.

- Team Geoactive

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