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Geoactive at the 2023 EAGE Digital conference in London

The booth team

This year, Geoactive were sharing booth space at the EAGE Digital Conference at the ExCel center in London with our sister companies GeoSoftware and Petrosys. Ranjeet Litt and Oscar Rodriguez, some of our sales team, met with some of our customers and got to speak to new people too. 

With the show aiming to explore the enabling power of technological innovation, Geoactive's subsurface softwares IP and IC were the perfect talking points for our visitors.


Paul Gibb from Petrosys, Oscar Rodriguez and Ranjeet Litt from Geoactive, and Natasha Hunt from GeoSoftware

This was the third EAGE Digitalization Conference and Exhibition and the theme was set as "Technology Driving Innovation for the Future." This is a theme that is reflected in a lot of digitalization conversations happening across the industry these days. The power and impact of new technology on utilizing old data (and new data) to can shed light on the subsurface to draw more understanding were discussed. 


Ranjeet shared, "We had such a great time meeting so many new people at EAGE Digital! It was so rewarding to see so many long-time users of IP & IC and hearing how it will fit into their Digitalization efforts. It's always inspiring to hear about the innovative ideas that people are working on, and how we can collaborate. We’re already looking forward to next year's conference!"

Oscar told us, “Attending EAGE Digital was such a great experience for me. I am passionate about meeting people in person and talk like we always did before the pandemic. We had wonderful talks with customers and am happy to learn more about their experiences in the future."

The power of collaboration has always been an element of subsurface interpretation and evaluation that Geoactive has believed in. It was a great opportunity for Geoactive to share these foundation level beliefs for digitalisation and subsurface application of data to build towards a future for their customers across a wide range of set up designs that work for each of them as individuals or partners. There was real excitement and positive feedback from attendees learning about our collaboration with GeoSoftware & Petrosys. They were looking forward to hearing about how we’ll be able to take advantage of each other’s strengths

A few pics from our time at EAGE Digital 2023



- Team Geoactive

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