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Geoactive Limited  visited ADIPEC 2022 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The annual Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) is one of the largest conferences in the Middle East and was hosted by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). The event took place at ADNEC exhibition center back in November this year. It serves as the world’s largest technical forum for oil, gas, and energy professionals worldwide, giving access to the most recent information about industry advancements, technical expertise, applications, products, and services.

Our team based in the UAE, Jennifer Duarte and Ibrahim Alti caught up with some of our customers and industry friends during the event. It was a great opportunity to connect once more, in-person, with our customers and to meet some new potential clients too. It is important for us to maintain our presence in the Middle East and be available for our local customers, attending conferences like this is key to achieving this. Not only did we discuss our change to Geoactive Limited this year, but we were able to share the latest from our subsurface software solutions, Interactive Petrophysics (IP) and Interactive Correlations (IC).


Ibrahim said, “It was a phenomenal week to meet in person with our strategic clients to feature their partnership with Geoactive during ADIPEC ‘22 in Abu Dhabi, we were also excited to meet with new subsurface teams in the focussing on the reduction of CO2 in the region”.

ExHALLMain Exhibitors Hall

The main topic for the conference this year was “The Middle East and the Energy Transition”. The Energy Transition and Decarbonization technical conference category provided a platform to learn about the latest technology and how companies are committed to lead the green energy transition and reduction of CO2 emission during their operations. Jennifer said, “The UAE is working to lower the carbon impact of hydrocarbons by investing in clean energy and low carbon technologies and understand traditional Hydrocarbon will still play a big part during this transition, and it will be included in the energy mix.”

ADIPEC this year introduced a decarbonization zone with focus on CCUS/CCS and hydrogen specifically. Ibrahim told us “It was incredibly interesting to see the new decarbonization zone, that was new this year. I could see where our products could fit nicely with some of the planned steps the Middle East aim to take to reduce the CO2 levels.”

Jennifer attended several of the talks focused on the CO2 storage and CCS projects and told us “I can see how subsurface knowledge helps solve carbon storage challenges. To securely capture and store CO2 in the subsurface, there must be a set of geological conditions to understand how the geology changes beneath to safely store CO2. Using the same knowledge from oil and gas projects, these skills can be utilized to make a net zero contribution by storing CO2.”  

Decarb1     decarb2The Decarbonization Zone

Advances in Regional Geology, Data Driven Analytics Application in Geoscience, Open and Cased Logging Technologies and Interpretation Methods, among other topics, were the focus of the Geoscience technical conference category. Several talks were presented by some of our clients where they discussed multiple elements being used and applied in their geoscience technical teams, including integrating rock types to improve reservoir characterization and NMR logging while drilling. Jennifer said, “It was great to attend some of the Geoscience technical talks, I was able to see the outputs of our IP software in some of the presentations where they were able to help understand their reservoir characterization challenges.”

adipec2023With more than 160,000 professionals from across 160 countries in attendance, the exhibition hall was divided by NOC’s, IOC’s and international exhibiting country pavilions from across the world and gave us a great opportunity to meet a lot of people.

ADIPEC 2023 is scheduled next year from 2-5 October 2023, a month before COP 28. The UAE will host COP 28 next year, which will take place in Dubai. We are already looking forward to seeing you next year at ADIPEC 2023.


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