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Geoactive attended GOTECH 2023 in Dubai, UAE

GOTECH 2023 exhibition

The 4th edition of the Gas & Oil Technology Showcase and Conference (GOTECH) took place at Dubai WTC back in March, this conference was hosted by Dragon Oil. The theme was “Sustainable Energy Transformation” in the gas and oil sector focused on technology and innovation. It provided a platform to share ideas and awareness of current trends in the industry. Jennifer Duarte, one of our Dubai-based team members, had the pleasure of attending as a delegate representing Geoactive.

GoTech Welcome

Three Key takeaways for us were

  1. The role of artificial intelligence in the Energy Mix

  2. Collaboration and knowledge sharing

  3. Young professionals


The role of artificial intelligence in the Energy Mix

Picture2This was a panel discussion that acknowledged the need for training and education in AI and machine learning. Many operating companies, services companies and academia have been using Artificial intelligence in the past decades to solve related problems. There are variety of AI  and machine learning applications being used to address issues, particularly in the oil and gas sector. 

Jennifer said, “In petrophysics, Machine learning is an effective tool for reconstructing well logs. Well logs may be insufficient for a number of reasons, such as data loss, noise, or the limitation of the measurement tools used. This is where machine learning can help to reconstruct well logs by filling missing data and remove noise.

Within Interactive Petrophysics (IP),  one of our subsurface software solutions that we offer at Geoactive, we have many different tools available for this task. Anyone looking to predict missing data or correct partial data for a well based on offset data or from within the same well can chose from many different tools within IP to complete this task”.  


Collaboration and knowledge sharing

The technical program for this conference had a wide range of technical sessions that focused on sustainability through carbon capture and storage (CCS), as well as development in green energy. There was also a diverse range of technical talks addressing different disciplines in geoscience such as approaches in Formation Evaluation, Reservation Characterization, Unconventional Reservoir, Reservoir Surveillance and Production Monitoring, Machine Learning in Geoscience, among other topics. 


Jennifer said, "It was interesting to hear the industry and professionals discussing their individual approaches and needs for, what some might consider, the fundamental requirement of any subsurface project these days, data collaboration. This data integration is exactly what we provide with our Interactive Correlation (IC) software. Pulling data together from all disciplines working with well data to QC and share across the whole asset team."


Focus on young professionals

The conference had young members activities giving them the opportunity to interact with industry experts and the opportunity to present their work.  

Picture3Dr. Omar Al Farasi , Jennifer Duarte (Geoactive) , Emad Al Shalabi ( Khalifa University)

Jennifer said, "I know the importance Geoactive places on the growth and transfer of knowledge to the next generation of geoscientists so after the team met with  Prof. Emad and his colleagues  at GEOMEOS earlier this year, it was wonderful to  catch up with them  myself and hear about the possibilities at Khalifa University  for these  next generation of geoscientists to  continue gain access to Interactive Petrophysics (IP), which is the current software they use to teach students during lab classes for well log analysis. It was also great to discuss the possibilities of getting IC at Khalifa University " 


A few more pictures from the event

Picture5   Picture6  Jennifer Duarte (Geoactive) , Nawal AlNuami ( Sr Petrophysicist at Dragon Oil) 

Picture7 Jennifer Duarte with Izwan Adnan ( Snr. Reservoir Engineer at Dragon Oil)


- Team Geoactive

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