IP for Well Operations

IP for Well Operations

IP for Well Operations

IP for Well Operations


Switch on our IP Wells bundle as soon as the rig is on site, then start work there – or at the office. XStream Connect delivers live information from any location while Chrono Log let you view time-based LWD data alongside depth data.

IP Wells brings the integrated analysis power of IP to your campaign – in real time. Our new Geosteering solution gives you detailed formation intelligence while drilling, supporting vital decisions on well trajectory. With Cement Evaluation, you can plan perforation and production while assuring the highest standards of well integrity and safety.


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Chrono Log

Chrono Log imports, reviews and analyses time-indexed LWD data. Run in combination with XStream Connect, you can process data in real-time to diagnose drilling problems or refine drilling parameters. Chrono Log can also convert time-indexed to depth-indexed data for comparison with conventional logs.


Pictured: Select and convert time-stamped data to depth indexed data.



XStream Connect

Developed by DK Energy, XStream Connect transmits live log data from a remote location directly into your IP database. It can download data into one or more IP wells from multiple WITSML servers simultaneously.

Multiple modules within IP can then analyse the new data to produce operationally vital calculation results and interpretations – automatically and unattended. Simply inspect the workflow output to see periodically updated analyses of your latest drilling operations.


Pictured: Stream log data from well site with Xstream Connect.



Multi-Well Pore Pressure Prediction

Calculate the subsurface pressures your drilling programme will experience to avoid abrupt changes and ensure wellbore stability. Pore Pressure Prediction models overburden, pore and fracture pressures and distribution based on conventional log curves, drilling information and seismic data input.

Develop fluid migration models. Rank prospects. Study seal effectiveness and shape casing programmes. Put Pore Pressure Prediction to work as a pre-spud predictive tool or in real time while drilling. Post-project, you can update and refine pressure models to inform future activity.


Pictured: Stereonet contour plot showing the sensitivity of the recommended mud weight to the well trajectory.



Cement Evaluation

Make fast, well-informed decisions on cement bond quality for safe and efficient drilling, production and abandonment. Cement Evaluation independently assesses data from all major tool types, from traditional Cement Bond Log equipment to advanced ultrasonic devices.

Its detailed, user-friendly isolation report makes it clear which zones are most likely to provide annular hydraulic isolation.

  • Enhance wellsite safety with optimal decision making
  • Save hours over manual methods
  • Combine and compare bond results with open hole data


Pictured: Visualise the quality of the cement bond between the casing and wellbore.




Bring IP's combined insight to your geosteering. By fusing deep geological knowledge with real-time LWD measurements, our Geosteering module helps you drill any type of well accurately and confidently.

Place your wells effectively, increasing exposure to the reservoir. Avoid geohazards to minimise rig downtime. Predict upcoming formations, decide on borehole placement and constantly update well trajectory – while maximising drilling accuracy.

  • Correlate with offset and current well formation data as you drill ahead
  • Incorporate geomechanical and offset production data
  • Integrate intelligence from IP’s interpretations suite to inform your geosteering


Pictured: Visualise the well path and Earth model in one convenient plot.