IP for Geomechanics

IP for Geomechanics

IP for Geomechanics

IP for Geomechanics


Assure your well's stability and maximise production lifetime with IP Geomechanics.

Calculate reservoir rock strengths and wellbore stresses from proven models. Save your well from rock-face failures and analyse for potential sand production. Predict pore pressure and mud weight to optimise drilling speed.

IP Geomechanics arms you with the best possible interpretation and knowledge. That allows you to make confident, informed drilling and production decisions – and realise your well's full potential safely.


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SandPIT 3D

Minimise the risk of costly formation failure and sand production with SandPIT 3D. By calculating stress on the walls of a perforation tunnel or wellbore and comparing it to rock strength, you can forecast well conditions likely to cause sand failure. Forewarned, you can maximise productivity with safe drawdown pressures and optimum perforation patterns.


Pictured: Visualise the impact of sand failure.



Multi Well Pore Pressure Prediction

Calculate the subsurface pressures your drilling programme will experience to avoid abrupt changes and ensure wellbore stability. Pore Pressure Prediction models overburden, pore and fracture pressures based on conventional log curves, drilling information and seismic data.

Develop fluid migration models. Rank prospects. Study seal effectiveness and shape casing programmes. Put Pore Pressure Prediction to work as a pre-spud predictive tool or in real-time while drilling. Post-project, you can update and refine pressure models to inform future activity.


Pictured: Polar plot showing the sensitivity of the recommended mud weight to the well trajectory.



Wellbore Stability

Create a geomechanical model within Wellbore Stability and save your well from rock-face failures. Take the guesswork out of mud weight prediction for stable, safe drilling. Define the shear failure gradient using Mohr Coulomb, Modified Lade and Hoek-Brown.
Covering one well or an entire field, Wellbore Stability makes it swift and easy to calibrate against offset wells and apply your model to any new project.


Pictured: Analyse pore pressure trends across multiple wells.